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YOUR CITY (freestyle) droppin' soon . Thanks to yo 1669925765435398250

YOUR CITY (freestyle) droppin' soon . Thanks to you guys 2017 has been a year of accomplishments for the band. @wearechemicalghosthas some big news to share buuut...all in due time For now, check out the new snippet...viiiibes.Music link in BIO

#beeyoubaby (@fancyb33) Instagram Profile Photofancyb33


It took me a long time to figure out who I was try 1669899622205531467

It took me a long time to figure out who I was trying to fit in boxes I QUICKLY LEARNED THERE ARE NO BOXES JUST BE YOU#beeyoubaby#love#femaleentrepreneur#standout

Ms.Takia (@ms.takia) Instagram Profile Photoms.takia


Wipe the slate clean..... 1669924781561758082

Wipe the slate clean.....

Ms. D. Wright (@mswrightslibrary) Instagram Profile Photomswrightslibrary

Ms. D. Wright

Stickers I gave to students who visited the Librar 1669922272511957325

Stickers I gave to students who visited the LibraryI told my students to Google them!Thank you @urbanwordnyc#stickers#erykahbadu#jamesbaldwin#patriciasmith#writers#rewards#readerlife#freebies

Holistic Health Mentor (@happynappyvegan) Instagram Profile Photohappynappyvegan

Holistic Health Mentor

Hairy Situations.Had a diff. post planned but the 1669921064678694339

Hairy Situations.Had a diff. post planned but then ran across this photo of @erykahbaduwhich reminded me of a future blog post...It's so interesting how something that is meant to keep us warm, is and can be such a point of contention now.________I know a lot of ppl that will look at this and think/say "eww". However, "as with most cultural customs, everything we do has a traceble origin...the moment that something goes from idea to societal norm."Basically shaving pits wasn't happening until Harper's Bazaar stated that women needed to remove "objectionable hair" when wearing sleeveless clothing , then the same occurred a few yrs later with legs.โ€ขSo why am I posting this? Simple, for you to ask yourself:1. why do I do the things I do? And if the answer is anything close to "bc that's just what we do" or "that's how I was raised" - check ya self + keep asking the question.2. if it has nothing to do with someone's health and/or safety, why are my "that's so disgusting, she needs to shave!", etc comments, even a thought in my mind?If you want to shave, do so, but also understand the root of ish and how most of the things we do now, esp as wombyn in this case, are a product of allowing men or someone outside of ourselves to decide on the standard of beauty, and/or doing things bc that's how it's always been done.________Question things โ†” Unlearn and then relearn. ..: imaniadjua#erykahbadu#onathursday#themoreyouknow#iamnotmyhair#beauty#natural#women#wombyn#happynappyvegan#holistichealth#imaniadjua

Blackaphillyated (@blackaphillyated) Instagram Profile Photoblackaphillyated


#ErykahBadu is #unbothered showing sheโ€™s not asham 1669919524243314648

#erykahbaduis #unbotheredshowing sheโ€™s not ashamed of her #underarmhairHow do yโ€™all feel about this?