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Yanira J. Sierra 🦋 (@yaniraydaniel) Instagram Profile Photo yaniraydaniel

Yanira J. Sierra 🦋

image by Yanira J. Sierra 🦋 (@yaniraydaniel) with caption : "☮️ Peace ✌🏼. Les deseo un día padrísimo lleno de alegría, amor, y buena energía 💟 #lifeisgood #vamonos #epa #2018 🚺💜
." - 1695220456465740157
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☮️ Peace ✌🏼. Les deseo un día padrísimo lleno de alegría, amor, y buena energía 💟 #epa 🚺💜 . .

image by Deb (@wassumpossum) with caption : "Hittin’ up some #EPA’s. Tis the season! #actorslife#singforyoursupper#singer#aea" - 1695217694683951255
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Hittin’ up some #EPA’s. Tis the season!

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da ourdated reading material @ Admin.-In-Charge of da #EPA ... vs. LEFTWING mass media liberal complex attempt to politicize medical exam, 2018 January.

Florida Farm Bureau Federation (@flafarmbureau) Instagram Profile Photo flafarmbureau

Florida Farm Bureau Federation

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Farmers like Joe and Juanita Lanier of 4 J’s Orchards are an example of good environmental stewardship which have earned them the designation. Previously a cattle ranch, the Laniers converted the property to a peach orchard. Growing three different varieties of peaches, Lanier implements Best Management Practices (BMPs) on his operation to preserve the quality of the natural resources. BMPs such as soil moisture sensors and leaf and tissue sampling helps the Laniers maintain the exact nutrient requirements of their trees. BMPs help farmers and ranchers reduce water use and improve water and soil quality. “Even with all the challenges, there are those days when the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the breeze is gently rustling the leaves on the peach trees; that’s the days I love the most and am glad that I get to be involved in farming,” said Joe Lanier. To read more about Joe Lanier and 4 J’s Orchards visit: . . . . . #EPA

oluwaseyi (@iamxtickz) Instagram Profile Photo iamxtickz


Instagram Image by oluwaseyi (@iamxtickz) with caption : "Current situation o😂😂😂 it have tay shaa #drummersfood #garri #epa #sugar #omitutu" at Lagos State - 1695198090321455083
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Current situation o😂😂😂 it have tay shaa #epa

Emily 🇬🇧 (@emilygetsstrong) Instagram Profile Photo emilygetsstrong

Emily 🇬🇧

I forgot how to brace and I have tight hips because I haven’t been stretching enough 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyway, my top set from Monday of sets of 3 was 87.5kg - remember when that was a very grindy one rep max for me? I do 🙋🏻‍♀️ It’s easy to think you’re not making progress but be consistent and the struggle bus will become the gainZ train 🚂 (thanks for that saying @focused.strength) @marshcoaching @commandotemplepowerlifting @commandotemple - - - - - -

image by volvo (@volvo_o_snus) with caption : "Mm mm mmmm
#epa #epatraktor #volvo #kööl" - 1695193157476839848
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Mm mm mmmm #epa

Risenresistnyc/graphics (@risenresistnycgraphics) Instagram Profile Photo risenresistnycgraphics


image by Risenresistnyc/graphics (@risenresistnycgraphics) with caption : "Join us and Mother Nature tonight, 530-630. See our FB for NYC details. #fussylomein #epa #risenresistnycgraphics #risen" - 1695180801719003389
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Join us and Mother Nature tonight, 530-630. See our FB for NYC details. #epa

Richard Sarries (@19_caito) Instagram Profile Photo 19_caito

Richard Sarries

image by Richard Sarries (@19_caito) with caption : "Antes del final #EPA" - 1695179170252040694
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Antes del final #EPA