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The Digestor 🍽 (@whatisdigesting) Instagram Profile Photowhatisdigesting

The Digestor 🍽

Lobster Broth RamenBesides the expected charsiu m 1667531343212695044

Lobster Broth RamenBesides the expected charsiu meat, the bowl also comes with dumplings, prawn balls and a perfectly marinated soft boiled egg. Free flow hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts are available too!The broth was rich and flavorful, yet it wasn't too overpowering. The noodles and toppings were great but the skin of the dumplings could have been thinner.Ratings: 4.1/5

Find the recipe for these delicious roasted spiced 1667531633500209857

Find the recipe for these delicious roasted spiced walnuts by clicking the link in my bio.....#walnuts#nutritious#snack#nuts#hipandheal#health#healthy#wellness#pain#chronicpain#delicious

It‘s a wrap! Knusprig geröstet, mit besten Zutaten 1667529675634013686
Art GourmetReportShareDownload11

It‘s a wrap! Knusprig geröstet, mit besten Zutaten gefüllt & mit Liebe für euch gewickelt!

Confiserie Honold (@confiseriehonold) Instagram Profile Photoconfiseriehonold

Confiserie Honold

Unsere Grand-Cru-Trinkschokolade: äußerst beliebt1667531326872739072

Unsere Grand-Cru-Trinkschokolade: äußerst beliebt bei Gross und Klein.

Faire fondre au bain marie 2 plaques de chocolat.1667531599417214564

Faire fondre au bain marie 2 plaques de chocolat. Séparer les blancs des jaunes. Mettre 3 cuillères à soupe de sucre dans les jaunes. Bien mélanger.Battre les blancs en neige ferme.Bien mélanger le chocolat et les jaunes d oeufs. Rebattre.On peut ajouter 1 pot de crème fraîche épaisse avant de ajouter le chocolat mais c est facultatif#instagood#food#sweet#yummy#instapic#yum#delicious#fresh#foodie#homemade#goodeats#igfood#foodblog#foodstagram#foodblogger#foodlove#foodpics#homecooking#foodphotography#foodgasm#nom#snack#eathelthy#love#tbt#chefmode#hungry#eatrealfood#eatinghealthy#foodporn

...and brunch is served:.Cauliflower crust pizza 1667530163883373605

...and brunch is served:.Cauliflower crust pizza with homemade hemp seed + spinach pesto, vine-ripened cherry tomatoes, fresh ricotta + arugula.I used @traderjoesfrozen cauliflower pizza crust (follow package instructions to bake).To make the pesto:.Combine a handful of fresh basil with another of baby spinach.1 tbsp olive oil.1-2 cloves garlic.1 tbsp hemp seeds.2 tbsp nutritional yeast + a small amount of water to thin..Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth..Top crust with pesto, tomatoes + cheese, broil for 3 mins..Finish with arugula + a drizzle of olive oil before enjoying hot 🤗..For those of you having trouble finding this pizza crust (it's ALWAYS sold out!!).I went to TJs on a Saturday night + they were fully stocked, so maybe that's the secret ..Have a great day!#paleo_______________________________________Head over to my blog for more delicious paleo recipes so that you can burn fat, beat cravings and feel great! (Link in Bio)

Tanzen vs Pizza (@tanzenvspizza) Instagram Profile Phototanzenvspizza

Tanzen vs Pizza

🇮🇹Ho provato una pizza che troverete presto nel me 1667531186640889705

🇮🇹Ho provato una pizza che troverete presto nel menu di questa pizzeria, non ha ancora un nome! Fiordilatte, pomodoro giallo, crescione d’acqua - pianta/ortaggio che cresce lungo i fiumi - e Iammarielli, gamberetti di fiume fritti. Odore intenso, gusto pronunciato, diverso da quelli a cui uno è abituato: piena espressione del territorio sarnese.🇬🇧A Pizza you will soon find in the menu: fiordilatte cheese, yellow tomatoes, watercress and Iammarielli, fried river shrimps. The smell is marked, the taste is strong, very unique.