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Cassandra evans

Seriously!!!! It is simple. If it is too small. Ke 1669984696640426030

Seriously!!!! It is simple. If it is too small. Keep it to yourself. How is a woman supposed to feel when you build up anticipation and lust and you pull out a baby carrot? It’s not ok. You know you are small. You know you cant make me orgasm. You wasted my time and yours. Too many women let these losers inside so they think it is ok. It is not.I am literally mad now thinking about it. @secretsquirel7029@way_too_honest#girlpower#orgasm#orgasmgap#makehercum#couplestherapy#dating#datingtips#tinder#godownonher#feminist#feminism#ballbusting#modernwoman#womanpower#womanempowerment#eatmeout#eatmypussy#bossbitch#bossbabe#sorrynotsorry#femdom#womenrule#pussypower#femaledomination

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joey barilla

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Zura Health

Day ONE | #12DaysOfWellbeing: Reset. Re-align. Res 1669975860156191192

Day ONE | #12daysofwellbeing : Reset. Re-align. Restart. Give yourself permission to show up for the next twelve days as a fresh slate. Disregard any past attempts to stay consistent, let go of any beliefs that don't serve your success. Strip back to the core of the real, pure YOU..Now breathe. Carve out 3-5 minutes to do the below exercises. Set a timer on your phone if you need to (this can actually help keep you focussed as you create a time-constrained 'container' that you can allow yourself to be fully present.Prompt: whip out a notebook or the notes app in your phone+ answer this curious question: Why are you worthy of true wellness? List down as many reasons as you can come up with, no matter how small or significant, to affirm your worthiness of experiencing ultimate vitality. Example: I am worthy of true wellness because I have so much to offer + need to be feeling my best to do so.Practice: Find a mirror (although, not the rear view mirror while you're driving, ok?). Set a timer for 1 minute. Look at yourself + find a steady gaze in to your left eyeof your reflection. For the whole minute, repeat out loud (or if not possible, silently in your mind) "I am worthy of feeling wildly well."Make sure to tag us if you post any insights you have from these exercises! #myzuramoment