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Adam Hernandez (@ahernandezart) Instagram Profile Photoahernandezart

Adam Hernandez

A commissioned #AbstractColorfield painting I did1670614662971969645

A commissioned #abstractcolorfieldpainting I did for my buddy @adpezzuttilast month. I am available for commissions this holiday season. Custom paintings make great gifts, #justsaying . Send me a direct message or an email at !

Skeene (@skeenep) Instagram Profile Photoskeenep



Portrait commission for! If some of you are interested for a PP commish, just DM me ! It’s 20€ for yourself+a pet. Add 10€ for additional pet. I’m in need of money af right now, any help can really really make a differenceMy ex and his mom ask me money. Like at least 2000€. Well. Yes I need your help :/ I don’t really like to ask you for money, but now it’s like my last chance. I’m literally lost and anxious eeeeh. Thanks all for your support

@Tashyuu's Doodle Account (@yuudoodle) Instagram Profile Photoyuudoodle

@Tashyuu's Doodle Account

1, 2, or 3? #art #commission 1670614487995307805

1, 2, or 3? #art#commission

Ce-Ce Get's Er Done (@roxyredd80) Instagram Profile Photoroxyredd80

Ce-Ce Get's Er Done

Because I have a Home based business in Travel, al 1670613392233924240

Because I have a Home based business in Travel, all of my utilities, my rent, my Vacations, and a host of other daily lifestyle activities are all TAX DEDUCTIBLE.This is why I don’t mind paying $80 a month to run a business. Many people say they can’t afford that. I say you can’t afford NOT to. You actually come out cheaper by paying it vs not paying it. There's still time to get started with our special holiday promotion, only $99.95!! Start investing in yourself today, then click on Join Us.#majorfuntravel#travelprofessional#travelagent#entrepreneur#entrepreneurship#levelup#followme#workfromhome#commission#residuals#joinme#extraincome#travelpaysme#homebasedbusiness#profitable#businesswoman#invest