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Claire Gladstone (@claire_gladstone) Instagram Profile Photoclaire_gladstone

Claire Gladstone

Christmas comes to the Columbian press #printingpr 1663248501315069855

Christmas comes to the Columbian press #printingpress#print#printroom#columbianpress

Helena Moock (@moocky1) Instagram Profile Photomoocky1

Helena Moock

Oz looking quite at home on the Columbian press..1663138524952265056
Steffi Glaves (@steffi_glaves) Instagram Profile Photosteffi_glaves

Steffi Glaves


At the Beck Isle Museum today, very lucky to be in the print room, this place is gorgeous#pickering#craftfair#museum#printingpress#adana#columbianpress#crochet#handmade

Colin Blanchard (@colin_blanchard) Instagram Profile Photocolin_blanchard

Colin Blanchard

That time of the year again. #christmascards #prin 1653301115556869016

That time of the year again. #christmascards#print#linocut#columbianpress

Channeling my inner octopus and living up to the t 1653233638483846480

Channeling my inner octopus and living up to the title of inky intern.Letter presses are trendy, you heard it here first.

Mark E Sackett (@markesackett) Instagram Profile Photomarkesackett

Mark E Sackett

The Eagle and the Dragons have arrived and are get 1651211745618744467
The Box SFReportShareDownload09

The Eagle and the Dragons have arrived and are getting along beautifully! Our 1835 #columbianpressis at the ready and the Dragons are on oversight! ️ Here at @theboxsfwe’re gearing up for our opening and for the creation of 3 different lines of Letterpress Cards, stocking our Ephemera Store and creating many collage classes and sales of rare paper to Collector’s of Ephemera of every kind!I am building something unique that will have a great deal of this material in San Francisco. In the former William Randolph Hearst Printing plant! It’s a very accurate recreation of an 1850’s General Country Store and Letterpress Printing and Printed Arts Center! It’s a destination for Designers, Artists, Printers, Makers, Collector’s, Archivists and anyone interested in Advertising, Graphic Design, Letterpress, Stone Lithography, Printmaking, Collage, Scrapbooking, Rubber Stamping, Bookmaking, Marbling, Printing, Lettering, Typography and CRAFT! I have an archive of over 10 million images, labels, poster stamps, graphics, bookplates, illustrated books, antique advertising signs and displays and antique packaging.The concept is to sell and educate others on the art of collecting, preservation and creation of ALL THINGS PRINTED! It’s almost 15,000 feet on 4 levels! I am looking for collaborators, teachers, press operators, and people with a passion for these things to work with me, and to help me save this important and rare design history! We are not a museum. We will be creating and selling product and Ephemera from all over the world! ANY QUESTIONS CALL ME: 415-602-9500Thank you for following, sharing and helping me to launch! If it’s Printed or has Lettering or Type, then we’ll be selling it! #bookarts#graphicdesign#letterpress#letterpressprinting#stonelithography#printmaking#classes#workshops#collage#scrapbookimg#rubberstamping#makers#artists#designers#illustratedbooks#posterstamps#labels#typography#packaging#advertising#antiques#inspired