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byung-il choi 🇰🇷 (@choi.byungil) Instagram Profile Photochoi.byungil

byung-il choi 🇰🇷

Georgethedraft (@georgethedraft) Instagram Profile Photogeorgethedraft


Grumpy Boy ~George showcasing his clip that I did 1672124934559821880

Grumpy Boy ~George showcasing his clip that I did back in October, it was my first time clipping and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Even though he is clipped he currently isn’t in regular work because of a combination of saddle fitting issues and weather/time issues. I’m hoping in the new year this changes though!

Mr Fuddles (@mrfuddles13) Instagram Profile Photomrfuddles13

Mr Fuddles

That's a lot of hair! Looking dapper without it... 1672057231186972637
Rafał Potomski (@rafalpotomski_) Instagram Profile Photorafalpotomski_

Rafał Potomski

Broda! cóż po brodzie #clipping#haircutbeard #ca 1672055366937361000
CULTURE lab* Assessoria (@culture_lab) Instagram Profile Photoculture_lab

CULTURE lab* Assessoria

#CLIPPING Cris Guerra com look da nossa cliente Es 1672025424657299610

#clippingCris Guerra com look da nossa cliente Essenciale no lançamento de seu livro "Para Francisco".#produçãodemoda#assessoriademoda