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Проект Ретроградъ ( Instagram Profile

Проект Ретроградъ

$25000. Buick Wildcat, hardtop sedan, 1965Машина1670973693785064557

$25000. Buick Wildcat, hardtop sedan, 1965Машина Л.Брежнева. Все документы в порядке.Родная краска. Двигатель от Чайки-13Киев, +380933265854#buick#classiccar#vintage#retro

Altblech Legenden (@altblech_legenden) Instagram Profile Photoaltblech_legenden

Altblech Legenden

Altblech-Legenden - Oldtimer / Classic CarsYou c 1670972037419918606

Altblech-Legenden - Oldtimer / Classic CarsYou can name the car? Tell us how you like it...Sagt uns Eure Meinung zu diesem Auto / Bild... Join us here and in Facebook...

C L James Photography ( Instagram Profile

C L James Photography

Time to prepare for next year. TB to one of my fav 1670971886047206917

Time to prepare for next year. TB to one of my favourite events of the calendar @fosgoodwood#rollon2018#motorsport#automotivephotography#classiccar#formula1#safetycar#goodwood#goodwoodfos

Tom H (@tch911) Instagram Profile Phototch911

Tom H

Arguably one of the greatest wheel designs. I thin 1670970932547907983

Arguably one of the greatest wheel designs. I think a blue over cream full-fat Le Mans 7.0 Coupe is probably the only car I could see replacing my Detomaso Pantera. Anyone got one and want to swap? 600bhp manual twin supercharged V12, electric Recaro, a Denon head unit with graphic equaliser, that bodywork, those wheels....oh, stop it