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Sean Verrette (@seanverrette16) Instagram Profile Photoseanverrette16

Sean Verrette

I remember when I hate it stepping on the scale ba 1670802527450354039

I remember when I hate it stepping on the scale back when I was 300 pounds now I look forward to it every single Friday!5 months getting it done.#losewieght#changeforlife#workitout#dontgiveup

heartie_x (@heartie_x) Instagram Profile Photoheartie_x


‘’Flash back Friday’’ It only seems like yesterday 1670608286413951157

‘’Flash back Friday’’ It only seems like yesterday I was in a hot tub drinking prosecco in the middle of a forest. Oh wait it was! After a day Christmas shopping in the city (note to self, never shop on a Friday in December) the tranquility of my winter break seems a distant memory but a great memory all the same. Being surrounded by woodland was the ultimate stress relief and prompted a lot of reflection. With an audience of trees I started to think about the year gone by, to say it’s been a rollercoaster would be accurate but I was more than ready for the ride! Becoming a mummy in 2017 was a true honour and has made me so grateful for the now. More so, it’s made me thankful that I made a full recovery from my past. My life was out of control and I was totally governed by scales, food and exercise. Anorexia is that powerful but I want to reassure anyone faced by ‘it’ that full recovery is possible. It’s possible to remove the obsessive behavior and replace it with a balanced lifestyle. No calorie counting, no scales just a healthy love for food and exercise with a generous measure of treats 🤗 The change of behavior allows you to make memories based on the company you are with and the places you might visit rather than the body you wear. I personally can’t undo the past or the memories I have that are defined by weight (or lack of it) but I can make sure my future tells a different tale and is filled with more pictures like this. Bubbles, bikinis and big smiles are far more memorable than a shrinking frame. Be kind to yourself••#selflove#fitness#recovery#anorexiarecovery#anorexia#eatingdisorder#mentalhealth#wellbeing#bodyconfidence#fbf#strongnotskinny#fitfam#motivation#renourish#balance#healthymind#healthybody#transformation#changeforlife#myfitnessjourney#bestme#instafit#mindfulness#instafoodie#instamum#eathappy#healthylifestyle#fitmum#goals#strongisthenewskinny

DB Landbroker (@dblandbroker) Instagram Profile Photodblandbroker

DB Landbroker

Não desista... Faça!Um fim de semana de excelent 1670485006392004947

Não desista... Faça!Um fim de semana de excelentes vendas a todos!.CORRETOR (A): Tenha mais produtos para vender, sem ficar preso a nenhuma incorporadora ou imobiliária. Conheça a Plataforma

Chera Sevcik (@cherasevcik) Instagram Profile Photocherasevcik

Chera Sevcik

This is your story. The choice is yours. Life is t 1670464643724035695

This is your story. The choice is yours. Life is too short to be unhappy! #changeforgood#changeforlife#2018