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Athlete insight from #FATEathlete @the_nattyprofes 1669089057857048070

Athlete insight from #fateathlete@the_nattyprofessorBODYWEIGHT UPRIGHT DIPS! One of my biggest pet peeve's is seeing people strap on the weight belt, with ridiculous weights attached to it, only to half rep such a fantastic compound movement which in turn only ends up looking like an elbow press. Ditch the ego, do the exercise properly and reap all the benefits of this tried and tested classic exercise!
 TIP: Struggling? Bend your knees and cross your feet over. Want a challenge? Do them with your legs straight. Depending on the individual, you can utilize your lower body to stabilize yourself or you can actually make the movement more challenging. Weighing in at 194lb these days, I need all the stabilizing I can get.
 TIP: Remember, this is a compound movement that engages your chest as a primary muscle and your delts and tricep as the secondaries. If you remain more upright, you'll place more emphasis on your decline. Leaning forward, as you might see some people do, will engage more of your incline. Personally, my decline is lacking, hence my upright positioning. Either way, don't take away the basic principles of full ROM, creating more tension through emphasizing muscular contraction and utilizing appropriate tempo.•Fuel your workouts with proper supplementation! Click the link in our bio —> @fatesuppsand apply code FATE10 for an additional 10% off your entire order today!•ORDER HERE ⤵️Click the link in our bio -> @fatesuppsWEBSITE -> WWW.FATESUPPS.COM

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Hellas, es war Entspannung angesagt. Spüre das Pad 1669093967794213509

Hellas, es war Entspannung angesagt. Spüre das Padeln ein wenig in den Beinen und die Prellung macht sein übrigesKörpereinsatz macht sich bemerkbar 🤓••#dietdiary#abnehmtagebuch#health#diary2017#foodjournal#dietjournal#weightloss#fooddiary#abnehmen#fooddiary2017#fettmussweg#healthy#foodjourney#machdichwahr#fitnessjourney#fitness#cardio#mcfit#mcfitköln