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Alexander Wikström (@thegreatfitness95) Instagram Profile Photo thegreatfitness95

Alexander Wikström

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It's not about perfect. It's about effort. And when u implement that effort into your life every single day , that's where transformation happens . That's how change occurs . Keep going . Remembre why u started #capoeira

Felipe Capoeira Bauru  ♥♣ (@felipecapoeirabauru) Instagram Profile Photo felipecapoeirabauru

Felipe Capoeira Bauru ♥♣

Vernon Lindsay PhD (@vernonlindsayphd) Instagram Profile Photo vernonlindsayphd

Vernon Lindsay PhD

image by Vernon Lindsay PhD (@vernonlindsayphd) with caption : "Wednesdays do not have to be "hump day," where you need to figure out how to find the motivation to get through the rest" - 1694445277322075069
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Wednesdays do not have to be "hump day," where you need to figure out how to find the motivation to get through the rest of your work week. Take some time today and do something for yourself. You do not have to wait until the weekend! This morning I have been doing some writing to articulate a response to the latest offensive comments by number 45...

David Palanchon (@davidpalanchon) Instagram Profile Photo davidpalanchon

David Palanchon

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Trying new accros for 2018

Emanoel de Oliveira (@neko_emanoel) Instagram Profile Photo neko_emanoel

Emanoel de Oliveira

Instagram Image by Emanoel de Oliveira (@neko_emanoel) with caption : "Treinar, treinar... objetivo!! #capoeira 
#qualesuadesculpa" at Centro de Treinamento Ricardo Galheta - 1694444467241481608

Treinar, treinar... objetivo!! #capoeira

KiRä Simägä Kañté (@kiraryalex) Instagram Profile Photo kiraryalex

KiRä Simägä Kañté

On dirait de la capoeira mdr #capoeira

Capoeira.Peru.Senzala (@capoeiraperusenzala) Instagram Profile Photo capoeiraperusenzala


image by Capoeira.Peru.Senzala (@capoeiraperusenzala) with caption : "Capoeira treino!!! Hoy dónde te toca entrenar??? #capoeira #ttt #training #peru #capoeiraperu #capoeiraperuana
#gruposen" - 1694443691555689430
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Hobokenacroyoga (@hobokenacroyoga) Instagram Profile Photo hobokenacroyoga


Acroyoga is about learning how to build together to reach new heights 🌙 Come explore and build with @estefval and @salam2o1 tonight 8:15pm at @theacademynj! Be sure to check out @vanflo311's Acroyoga 101 series starting next Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm for 5 consecutive Wednesdays. Acroyoga for all 🌎🤸 . .   #Capoeira

Gato Emre Yılmaz (@gatoemre) Instagram Profile Photo gatoemre

Gato Emre Yılmaz

image by Gato Emre Yılmaz (@gatoemre) with caption : "To be continued 😜 #escorpiao #capoeira #tecnica #axé #energia #jacobinaarte" - 1694443081283239524
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To be continued 😜 #capoeira

боевое искусство capoeira (@capoeirakaliningrad) Instagram Profile Photo capoeirakaliningrad

боевое искусство capoeira

Все возможные варианты тренироваться с нами в спорткомплексе "Созвездие": ___________________ Если вам 3-4 года: вторник и четверг с 09:30 до 10:30. __________________________ Если вам 5-7 или 7-11 лет: вторник и четверг с 19:30 до 20:30, суббота с 10:00 до 12:00. __________________________________________ Если вам 12-14 лет или вы уже взрослый: вторник и четверг с 20:30 до 22:00 и суббота с 10:00 до 12:00.

GURU®  TEAM (@guruteam) Instagram Profile Photo guruteam


Instagram Image by GURU®  TEAM (@guruteam) with caption : "CAPOEIRA FIGHT SPORTS KIDS
#CapoeiraOrigem #CapoeiraFightSports #4fé 🙏🏼
#Repost @lilyjiujitsu with @get_repost
A Ver" at Fight Sports Miami - 1694442445880617071

CAPOEIRA FIGHT SPORTS KIDS 🙏🏼 @lilyjiujitsu with @get_repost ・・・ A Very Special @fightsportsmiami Birthday!!! 🙏 Lulu it's your birthday, what do you want to do today?! Go to Train, Go to Capoeira, Coach will be Proud of Me!!! 🤗 Thank You For making Lucy feel so special on her Birthday 💕 @gustavooguru @maggiegrindatti @fightsportskids #capoeira 🎀