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It isn't enough to just be vegan anymore. Because1671092058300968438

It isn't enough to just be vegan anymore. Because we care about the animals and we care about our family and friends it really is our duty to all three groups that we share the facts about veganism, the facts about what eating meat does to a human's health and the impactof animal farmingon our planet.We need to break apart the myths that so many people believe about a plant-based lifestyle. We need to remind people that all animals feel not just their dog and cat. We need to show people that they are hypocrites if they want to protest the Yulin 'festivals' yet they continue to eat farm animals.All animals feel.All lives matter.These animals are the epitome of Innocence, they are born into this world into slavery and ultimately death and that just isn't right, they deserve so much better.@regrannedfrom @earthlove777-Rp @angiehocklyYes They are alive!Yes They are babies!Yes They are in pain!Yes They are waiting for help that wont come!Yes This is so people can have their ritualistic christmas dinners... #govegan#lambchops#climatechange#saltbae#dietitian#chailatte#milktea#bmwlife#ilovelondon#praisethelord#pumpkinspice#tocino#cancer#turkeysandwhich#ilovenyc#heavenonearth#nutritionist#edm#guggenheim#thankafarmer#leftovers#chickenandwaffles#meatlover#iloveparis#metoo#sweaterweather#proteina#donttakeourplanetforgranted

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Awakening does not have to be confined to spiritua 1671088946439122548

Awakening does not have to be confined to spirituality...Many occurances can lead to an awakening.I sat with my nephew for the first time today... bald,pale,fragile after 4.5 months of chemo.Many words came to mind as I watched his parents,confronted daily with this fragility.Grace.Dedication. Devotion. Love. Battler. "Aussie battler" is an iconic term in my homeland.It means to overcome adversity with positivity and determination.Well,that's my definition anyway.I saw it today and was awestruck.Wow.Imagine August 7, with your ten year old waking to a lump the size of a golf ball in the right side of his neck.Next day being airambulanced and told he has one of the rarest forms of leukemia.We are here to see Hunter.Seeing him was not guaranteed due to his fragile state.But we sat with him today and I watched his family act like any family with noisy kids and discipline and it reminded me of something...God always gives these adverse situations to those best equipped to handle it.And my brother and his wife are handling it with a strength I could not muster.The definition of Aussie battlers before my eyes.

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