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Jon-Michael Marconi (@jmmarconi) Instagram Profile Photo jmmarconi

Jon-Michael Marconi

Sat 1/20 until 4pm. Open house at 1 Saint Laurent in prestigious Newport Coast. This 4bd 2.5ba 2530sqft home is going to be a killer deal for the right client. Call me at (949) 402-3020 for details. BRE . . . . . #california

Quron Witherspoon (@qtherebel) Instagram Profile Photo qtherebel

Quron Witherspoon

image by Quron Witherspoon (@qtherebel) with caption : "F R E C K L E • G A N G • | Ok Instagram, just this once......and if so, I’m doing it for THE GANG. 🤓🤘🏽 | •
" - 1696743227942883337
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F R E C K L E • G A N G • | Ok Instagram, just this once......and if so, I’m doing it for THE GANG. 🤓🤘🏽 | • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • | | | | | | | | #california |

Louis Moncayo (@l.o.u.i.s.23) Instagram Profile Photo l.o.u.i.s.23

Louis Moncayo

Instagram Image by Louis Moncayo (@l.o.u.i.s.23) with caption : "Walk of fame 🙈🙈🙈#california #2018goals" at Hollywood Walk of Fame - 1696743212842185884

Walk of fame 🙈🙈🙈#california

image by Yene (@yenezar_arencibia) with caption : "Venice, CA." - 1668422734264657763
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Venice, CA.

Laila La Petite Frenchie (@lailalapetitefrenchie) Instagram Profile Photo lailalapetitefrenchie

Laila La Petite Frenchie

Sunny SoCal Saturday’s are for sunbathing and conspicuous people watching (also maybe judging)😏

2 Plant Based Vegans 💪🌱💚🐔🐄🐐🐣🐷 (@2plantbasedbodies) Instagram Profile Photo 2plantbasedbodies

2 Plant Based Vegans 💪🌱💚🐔🐄🐐🐣🐷

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GO VEGAN💚 @armyforanimals - Is a society in which a life is reduced to a thing, to an object, to a possession, to a commodity, to literally nothing of moral and ethical value, really the society we want our children and theirs to grow up in? Repost @belinda_vegan Objectification happens when laws classify animals as property. When we can buy, sell, trade, or exchange SOMEONE as though he or she were a used car - or even parts of a used car - we have literally turned him or her into a piece of live "stock". By viewing animals as objects, we can treat their bodies accordingly without the moral discomfort we might otherwise feel. Objectification is the process of viewing a living being as an inanimate object, thing. Animals are objectified in a variety of ways, perhaps most notably through language. Objectifying language is a powerful distancing mechanism. Consider how slaughterhouse workers refer to animals they're going to kill as objects that are to become, rather than as living animals they are: chickens are called broilers, pigs are called rashers, and bulls are called beef. And the USDA refers to cows as utters and animals as units, while meat Industries talk about replacement boars or replacement calves. Considered to, are common usage of the phrase living thing, and are equally common failure to recognize this phrase as an oxymoron. Carnism needs us to employees such objectifying language; think of how you might feel if, for instance, you refer to the rotisserie chicken in the restaurant window as SOMEONE rather than something, or if you called the barnyard turkey he or she rather than it. See them for WHO they are. Animals are not property, commodities, or food. They are other sentient beings that share this Earth with us, not for us. Caption @belinda_vegan Embrace veganism! ➡️⬅️ ➡️⬅️ _ Video @emptyeverycage - These gentle souls are treated like objects that don’t feel in the / dairy industry. 💔🕊🌎💚🌱🥗 #california