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Kick Cancer Chick (@kickcancerchick) Instagram Profile Photokickcancerchick

Kick Cancer Chick

Chemo day… juchhey!??!? I pack food, books, earpho 1669820869079436856

Chemo day… juchhey!??!? I pack food, books, earphones and Christmas cookies for the nurses and off I go. My blood is good and chemo #8is on it’s way!They always order them from a pharmacy across the road and it is only mixed just before I get it. While I wait, I manage to do today’s mediation and then they put the first drip and immediately I feel sooo tired. The cortisone pushes you and it is responsible for the restlessness and sleepless nights, but the painkiller I get first, makes my eyelids really heavy. No reading, no watching movies, but I listen to an audio book and dose off. Having missed two chemos, Prof. Dr. Breidenbach will decide after my check-up in January with Dr. Reiser, if I can skip them or do chemos until February. I have to check Bali‘s volcano anywayClaudia arrives a bit later, so I rest first and only start chatting with her, as the third bag – the chemo itself – mighty Paclitaxel (known as T) runs through my port into my blood vessels. Today they cool my hands and feet while I have the T, though nurse Theis does not really think that it will make a difference. My fingertumbs are really numb now and I don’t like typing, but hey, it is worth a tryAlready in hospital I no longer tasted the NaCl flushing my port on my tongue. They are doing it slower now, but maybe my taste buds have given up on salty!?!? My tongue looksfunny and they tested it and will get the results next week. Claudia leaves before me and shares some licorice – licorice is something that really works for me and I love it! There is the Bärendreck Apotheke, licorice heaven, just a few houses down the street and I send Claudia there, who cannot believe that she has never been there… especially the very pure licorice can help so well with the chemo sickness!As I get up, I am all dizzy and tired and I feel my head is under a huge diving bell…. I am not a high blood pressure candidate anyway ;). I take the taxi home, eat something and sleep like a baby. The kids are at Nina’s again and I am so grateful, as I can peacefully sleep and Mom is here and pampers me – being all dizzy, I am glad I am not alone today . Follow my blog (link in Bio

#ThinBlueLine | #SaluteTheBlue (@salutetheblue) Instagram Profile Photosalutetheblue

#ThinBlueLine | #SaluteTheBlue

#BeTheChange: Always Leading With Love and Making1669821609644296574

#bethechange : Always Leading With Love and Making A Difference! Mentoring and Connecting With The Youth of The Future. Building Strong, Trusting and Long-Lasting Relationships Between Community and LEO's! We See YOU | #godbless#breastcancerawareness#communitypolicing#thinblueline#sheepdog#bethechange#operationhomesafe#bluehero#wearpink#bethechange#jointhefight#backtheblue#salutetheblue🇺🇸️️🇺🇸 via @savagetexan210

Marissa Thomas (@marissadt28) Instagram Profile Photomarissadt28

Marissa Thomas


#tbt.Can we take a moment and acknowledge how awesome it is that I can say “throwback to that time I “had” cancer??.Today marks two years before I went in to have a #lumpectomy& start on a journey that I fought hard not to do, but in the end, God did and still carries me through. I am down one year cancer free and god willing, a lifetime to go! It still doesn’t feel real, even saying it I think “Man did that actually happen”.....yeah it did..Some days are easier than others and you truly don’t know what it’s like unless you’ve been there. But I am thankful for my life and my health and forever humbled.

MyCancerJourney (@mjfightscancer) Instagram Profile Photomjfightscancer


Is throw back Thursday still a thing? Last Friday, 1669820098302402540

Is throw back Thursday still a thing? Last Friday, I had the super talented master barber @chefcurrywiththefadeshook me up with this fresh cut and #ribbondesign. If you are in the Las Vegas area hit him up.#fightwithmj#pinkribbon#breastcancerawareness#chemo#fuckcancer#hairdesign#lasvegaslocals#tbt

Instagram Photo taken by brandi.gates_hwyhoneybandanas 1669731105808249697
The Rose Breast Health (@therosehouston) Instagram Profile Phototherosehouston

The Rose Breast Health

Thank you to everyone at @acutx for their $894 don 1669815839716323043

Thank you to everyone at @acutxfor their $894 donation! This will help us continue to provide quality breast healthcare to women in the 38 counties we serve. #therosehouston

jackabel1 (@jackabel1) Instagram Profile Photojackabel1


Spoilt!That is the only thing I can say! Since I 1669815303850599717

Spoilt!That is the only thing I can say! Since I’ve told my friends that I have cancer I’ve been showered with so much love and support and I really do feel totally blessed to have so many people care! I’ve received some very funny and extremely inappropriate cards which I love and so many beautiful gifts of all shapes and sizes and I’ve totally loved all of them, because they have all been from my friends!! The latest gift is the gorgeous bag from all of my work colleagues! One of them that I work with is obsessed with bags and I told her that I’d planned to get one as a little treat when my treatment is over, looks like I better just get myself a new purse and pair of boots to go with it instead!#mystory#feelingthelove#thecambridgesatchelcompany#breastcancer#breastcancerawareness#friends#chemo#cleaneating#checkyourself#checkyourboobies#bringiton#beastmode#ivegotthis#kickingcancersass#fuckcancer

Michael Gray (@g_r_a_y_a_r_e_a) Instagram Profile Photog_r_a_y_a_r_e_a

Michael Gray

My ig friends, my friend Pam here on ig really nee 1669815129427753484

My ig friends, my friend Pam here on ig really needs your help. She is fighting breast cancer and is having financial difficulties with the medical bills. She is not really one to ask for help and neither am I but this is an exceptional situation especially as the holidays approach. So please if you can help, do it and if you can't please pray for her and her family at least and share this so others may help if they can. Thank you for all you do...the link is in my bio. ️🤗....... #breastcancer#breastcancerawareness#gofundme#lasvegas#love#positivevibes#pleasehelp#fcancer#friendshelpfriends#inneed#vegasstrong#vegan#help#pleasehelp#family#holidays#prayers#godbless