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Marc Gabriel (@macponzie) Instagram Profile Photo macponzie

Marc Gabriel

image by Marc Gabriel (@macponzie) with caption : "#b&b
a blessed sunday everyone #THANKYOULORDJESUS" - 1697024542033569693
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&b lackandbrown a blessed sunday everyone

Lord Observer Taif (@identitydivinity) Instagram Profile Photo identitydivinity

Lord Observer Taif

image by Lord Observer Taif (@identitydivinity) with caption : "I betchu didnt. 😏
#Repost from @mr.marcquettejones with ..." - 1694003585292831009
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I betchu didnt. 😏 from @mr.marcquettejones with ...

Huey C (Just like P) (@bic_ceo_huey_c) Instagram Profile Photo bic_ceo_huey_c

Huey C (Just like P)

Instagram Image by Huey C (Just like P) (@bic_ceo_huey_c) with caption : "I absolutely love this post! A friend of mine who is also in the #cannabisindustry based in #SoCal sent this to me. This" at Black America - 1696931690377958844
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I absolutely love this post! A friend of mine who is also in the based in sent this to me. This message is LOUD & CLEAR and is specifically FOR and the NOT NOT NOT #BlackAndBrown unity and MOS DEF NOT FOR praying to massa for City: State: = & Population: Black Population = 9.4% (358k) white Population = 28.6% (1.09M) hispanic Population = 48.1% (1.84M) asian Population = 11.4% (435k) Cannabis Arrest Rates: Black Cannabis Arrest Rate = 40% white Cannabis Arrest Rate = 16% hispanic Cannabis Arrest Rate = 44% asian Cannabis Arrest Rate = 0% * Via Detective Bancroft 📞 213.486.0822 They want us pushing instead of focusing on the rebounding, growing and thriving from the same plant that this racist ass government used to SPECIFICALLY INCARCERATE & DESTROY BLACK PEOPLE I've turned down many offers to work with that are not & and I always turn them down after I see how many Black people they actually employ Every community outside of the Black Community in cannabis is working on building and growing THEIR OWN COMMUNITIES FIRST. CONTROL YOUR NARRATIVE AND BUILD YOUR OWN BUSINESSES ✊✊✊ : Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It Principle No. 5: - @cthagod 💎 "Create your own committees, build your own institutions, give your friends awards, award yourself, and be the gold you wanna hold my g's🌹." - @saintrecords 💎💎 "The genius thing we did was, we didn't give up." - Hov 💎💎💎 @HBCannU ~ Shifting the culture by expanding legal cannabis literacy amongst HBCU students and alumni worldwide. 🌱 💎💎💎💎 Black In Cannabis ~ To connect, fertilize and grow the black entrepreneurial presence within cannabis by bringing awareness to the global black cannabis experience. 🌱

Ikana Design + Consultation (@ikanadesign) Instagram Profile Photo ikanadesign

Ikana Design + Consultation

image by Ikana Design + Consultation (@ikanadesign) with caption : "I ❤️❤️❤️ black and brown. They are neutrals people! They go together. #design #interiors #blackandbrown #black #brown #i" - 1696918471257262716
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I ❤️❤️❤️ black and brown. They are neutrals people! They go together. andbrown

Youtube JASEEN SEVEN (@king_jaseen) Instagram Profile Photo king_jaseen


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I miss my lil one @malik_martinez I still wish death on them bitches that took you from your familia. On me I want they mama to feel our mama's pain. I know the deep pain and real depression of losing a lil brother personally. I really cried when I hung up with Camillo that day. You had just graduated from HS too. With our big dreams, me speaking spanish and you growing into a real lyrical beast we was finna take this Black & Mexican 🎶🔥 to the top!! Our song is one of the hardest on my album. I personally asked for that green light from your big brother on some 1 hundo shit. Pray for this project Malik. I need your prayers cuz you live with the plug now! Tell him protect me from the demons out here🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 We love you and we miss you blood on god #BlackAndBrown

image by Elroy Black (@mrethefrenchie) with caption : "Best friends" - 1696865130145258535
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Best friends