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Hot Bikini And Fitness (@bikinibabesfitness) Instagram Profile Photobikinibabesfitness

Hot Bikini And Fitness

 go and see this stunning ladies page @bellacirnsk 1672128515934707902

go and see this stunning ladies page @bellacirnskivery nice shots .

This Ole Vegan (@thisolevegan) Instagram Profile Photothisolevegan

This Ole Vegan


Best tasting Hummus - 2 cans drained garbonza beans, 2 tbsp liquid smoke, 2 tbsp braggs liquid aminos, 3 tsp minced garlic, 2 tbsp stone ground mustard, 1 tsp black pepper.#vegan#veganrecipes#plantbased#healthyfood#fitness#fit#heart#hearthealth#yoga#beach#beachbody

Because my uncle is flying in from FL tomorrow and 1672127927993310925

Because my uncle is flying in from FL tomorrow and we have dinner plans and are going to the lights (and my mom didn’t answer my calls/texts to see if we could change it to Tuesday instead), and because she has cheer on Wednesday and won’t be done until 8:30pm (I was legit told that was too late to bring her over), and they can’t take her Tuesday because they have the other grandkid (and can’t manage to get 2 kids to school on time if they have both of them), *I* am the bad guy. I am the reason she is left out of everything. Are you kidding me?

WE ARE MORE THAN A NUMBER👊🏼 (@screw.the.scale) Instagram Profile Photoscrew.the.scale


#Repost @kelseywells・・・Between these photos I ga 1672127901393676986

#repost@kelseywells・・・Between these photos I gained some weight, I gained some pant sizes, and I gained some muscle. I’m proud of those things. I’m happy with my physical progress. But it’s the many things I’ve gained that you CAN’T see in a photo that I am far and away MOST proud of, and which bring me REAL happiness. I don’t care if I’ve said this a million times or if you think it’s cheesy or cliche. IT’S MY TRUTH. And I’ll never stop sharing it because it can be yours too. On the journey between these photos I have gained control over my anxiety. Appreciation for my body. Discipline. Work ethic. Mental growth. True self-confidence (in not only how I look at any given phase but most importantly WHO I AM). The courage to be myself. How to get up when I fall. Perseverance. More compassion for those around me. My career. SELF LOVE. Fitness is not the most important thing in my life. But taking control of my life and making changes to care for myself physically and mentally has literally helped me be a better version of myself in every other aspect of my life. Simply, I EMPOWERED myself through fitness. And YOU CAN TOO. You really really really can. (!!!!!) How? Don’t be obsessed with your “physique” and consumed in physical progress. Instead, begin by being grateful for your body. Be obsessed with being kind, to others and TO YOURSELF. Become consumed in being consistent— small, simple daily efforts to think positively, eat well, and be active will add up to be everything. YOU ARE POWERFUL! You deserve to be healthy and happy!!! Maybe that will look like a physical “transformation”, maybe not. But I promise you that whether you want to change your body or not, whether you want to gain weight or lose weight or whatever, your physical goals will become secondary as you continue on your journey to live healthier and happier. My point of this novel — TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

Orangetheory Fitness-ConcordMO (@orangetheoryconcord_mo) Instagram Profile Photoorangetheoryconcord_mo

Orangetheory Fitness-ConcordMO

The different incline levels the treadmill along w 1672127957086071200

The different incline levels the treadmill along with our trained coaches using monitoring system allow all of our members regardless of physical fitness level to slowly progress and improve on their previous record every single day! See the difference our group personal training can have on your workout today!#stayfit#otfconcord#orangetheoryfitness

Samantha Bandy (@samanthabandy) Instagram Profile Photosamanthabandy

Samantha Bandy

The fact that you aren’t where you want to be, sho 1672127678357236405

The fact that you aren’t where you want to be, should be motivation enough.

Stef Scopac (@stefscopac) Instagram Profile Photostefscopac

Stef Scopac

The two loves of my life … This last year I’ve rea 1672127871203608179

The two loves of my life … This last year I’ve realized something-- that in order to be there for my family, I needed to be the best version of myself that I can be.When I look back and think about when I am happiest, it is when I am taking the time to better myself (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and encouraging others to be doing the same.After battling adolescent bullying, losing my micro preemie due to preeclampsia & HELLP syndrome, developing that same disease with my rainbow baby (and a 6 week NICU stay), and currently dealing with some hereditary health issues; I started to feel down about myself.I was searching for something that I was able to do at the convenience of my own home, while still getting the effectiveness of going to the gym. I also needed to have some accountability to ensure that I stuck with this new lifestyle. I had a desire to be a part of something bigger than myself, and rediscover my purpose; but wasn’t sure where to start or if something like that existed.After finding Beachbody almost a year ago, and involving myself in the workouts, nutrition plans, and being in a support group with like-minded people, I became really passionate about fitness, health, and wellness again. I have confidence in myself once more, and want to pay that feeling forward. Through this supportive community that continuously inspires me; I have decided to take the next step as a coach with Beachbody!Thanks for sharing in this exciting moment with me, and thank you in advance for all your support!#boymom#stopbullying#preeclampsia#hellpsyndromesurvivor#nicumom#angelbaby#rainbowbaby#nicugrad#momtribe#beachbody#beachbodycoach#wellnesscoach#healthylifestylecoach#inspiretribe#teaminspirnation