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The Wall ..As you traverse the magical Jokulsarl 1668321389721021549

The Wall ..As you traverse the magical Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, the one place you have to , want to visit in this world, you come across this massive wall like structure that is actually the tongue of the glacier..As we stood there admiring the beauty of this impressive sight, we heard the sounds of calving ice and a sploosh as the newly formed iceberg plunged into the water below. Surreal and how! ....#icelanddefrosted#jokulsarlon#iceland#glaciers#iceberglake#magical#discover#travelphotography#travelblogger#discoverearth#amazingdestinations#wanderlusttribe

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More Mt. Cook stuff #galaxys7

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After a day in the mountains of Western Serbia I p 1668883483442271302

After a day in the mountains of Western Serbia I planned to be in Drvengrad (meaning Wooden Town) at sunset. It is a mountain village made by Emir Kustirica, a famous Serbian filmmaker, for his movie Life is a Miracle. But when it was getting dark early I found myself doubting if I should make the journey there, but happy I did cuz I could just wander in and spent a blue hour alone there with these amazing buildings...