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Day in the life of a NZ vet (@vet.krispy) Instagram Profile Photovet.krispy

Day in the life of a NZ vet

Geans Dental (@geansdental) Instagram Profile Photogeansdental

Geans Dental

Tybalt and Mercutio (@tybaltthebear) Instagram Profile Phototybaltthebear

Tybalt and Mercutio

Hi all my plushie and non plushie friends. I hope1668188947963820520

Hi all my plushie and non plushie friends. I hope you are having a happy Tuesday. Look what I found on the beach a few days ago! The poor little starfish had clearly been out of the sea for a long time. But we brought him home and he will be admired for ever more. Thanks little starfish🧚‍️🧚‍️. #starfish#steiff#plushiesofinstagram#beautifulworld#allcreaturesgreatandsmall#respectnature#onthebeach

Rio.Vegan.Higher Consciousness (@angelsandvegandreamer) Instagram Profile Photoangelsandvegandreamer

Rio.Vegan.Higher Consciousness

(Late Night Outing Seeing The Stray Angels - Aroun 1668100595587067852

(Late Night Outing Seeing The Stray Angels - Around 5 Hours:10.30pm - 3.30am.Strays Visited/Fed/Sharing Love With - 12)Loving Young Stray Cats On A Rainy Night At Around Midnight. The Rain Has Just Stopped. I'm So Sure These 3 Angels Are The Siblings Of My Youngest KidCat Super Rain Sirius! I Found SRS Around Here 26 Nights Ago. Wish I Can Take Them All Home! Someday! God's Willing! First Encounter. Sharing Love - Around An Hour And A Half -"THE ROAD IS LONG AND MANY A WINDING TURN, THAT LEAD US TO WHO KNOWS WHERE, WHO KNOWS WHERE. BUT I'M STRONG, STRONG ENOUGH TO CARRY HIM, HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER. SO ON WE GO, HIS WELFARE IS OF MY CONCERN, NO BURDEN IS HE TO BEAR, WE'LL GET THERE. FOR I KNOW HE WOULD NOT ENCUMBER ME, HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER. IF I'M LADEN AT ALL, I'M LADEN WITH SADNESS, THAT EVERYONE'S HEART ISN'T FILL WITH THE GLADNESS OF LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER. IT'S A LONG, LONG ROAD, FROM WHICH THERE IS NO RETURN, WHILE WE'RE ON THE WAY TO THERE, WHY NOT SHARE. AND THE LOAD DOESN'T WEIGHT ME DOWN AT ALL, HE AIN'T HEAVY HE'S MY BROTHER. HE'S MY BROTHER, HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER, HE AIN'T HEAVY." - (HE AIN'T HEAVY, HE'S MY BROTHER - WRITTEN BY: BOB RUSSEL & BOBBY SCOTT. THE HOLLIES - 1969)#lovetranscendsall#compassion#kindness#strayanimals#straycats#homelessness#helpastray#allanimalsmatters#allcreaturesgreatandsmall#thehollies#60smusic#simpleguy#veganguy

Esther (@es_hess) Instagram Profile Photoes_hess


At this time of year don't forget the less fortuna 1668070876007677160

At this time of year don't forget the less fortunate, not just the animals but the people as well. Give as much as you take#wordsofwisdom#charliechaplinquote#allcreaturesgreatandsmall#theyalldeservetobeloved#feedyoursoul#allthepeopleoftheworld#give