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Karen Whelan

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Nihal Yıldırım

... Kuş taraçanın kıyısından uçtu bir ileti gibi1670116942098164628

... Kuş taraçanın kıyısından uçtu bir ileti gibi uçtu kuş küçüktü kuş düşünmüyordu kuş gazete okumuyordu kuşun borcu yoktu insanları tanımıyordu kuş kuş havada ve kırmızı tehlike ışıkları üstünde ve habersizlik yükseklerde uçuşuyordu ve mavi anları delice deniyordukuş, ah sadece bir kuştu.#furuğferruhzad#kuşsadecebirkuştu#33years#gitmek#gidememek#kalamamak#instaturk#instatravel#travelling#instagoods#igersoftheday#likeforfollow#like4like#allshotsturkey#turkinsta#instagoods#instagram#istanbul

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Brenda Perez

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Terima kasih Mak kerana melahirkan anakmu ini.say 1669776116109044931

Terima kasih Mak kerana melahirkan anakmu ini.saya mungkin tidak bererti dan membawa makna apa2 buat sesetengah orang.... tapi saya bererti dan bermakna buat seorang insan yang bergelar Mak.33 tahun yang lalu,seorang insan sedang mengalami kesakitan,bukan sakit biasa tapi sakit yang boleh membawa maut,bertarung nyawa demi memberi kesempatan kepada anaknya untuk bernafas dan hidup di dunia ini....Terima Kasih Mak dan Abah . Love u .#mybirthday#happybirthdaytome#33years

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A.j. Gamble

Last week before I got PNEUMONIA!Do i look like1669294212633099509

Last week before I got PNEUMONIA!Do i look like a guy who should get pneumonia? Messing around with my #note8#slowmois so addicting with the #everlast#reflexbagand the #heavybagtoo.DISCLAIMER: (before any trolls throw shade at me for my terrible form) Obviously I am not a trained striker!I'm a #carsalesmanand #bjjplayer trying to stay in shape at #33yearsold.Next time you go to a #dealershiplook at anyone in #carsales . We either sit for 12 hrs a day or run around like maniacs hopped up on adrenaline, caffeine and good knows what else. I've walked 9 miles at my dealership in one 12 hr day. Dress shoes suck for that.DISMISS THE REST OF YOU DON'T WANT INSIDE INFO ON WEEKDAY WR DO EACH DAY.Customers are always at the very least suspicious of us when they walk in, call or email and at the worst downright disrespectful. They think they know everything bc they've bought cars for years.Well sir I've sold a thousand cars, you buy that many? (warranted for the stereotype, but this is a different time) then after 2 or 3 hrs of figuring out which car, negotiating, etcyou have 15% closing ratio if you suck and you'll prob quit,or 30% and you're doing decent depending on how many people you see and how well you make the customer feel about you, the car, and the value. But then you want to cry or kill when they swear they're approved by their bank and then you get to the end and the lady is so ignorant she doesn't understand loan to value with a sub 550 credit score. So all the paperwork and call ins to lenders over 7 hrs are useless while you could've taken other customers.Hell I recently had $400 taken away bc my dealership took back a car 6 months later bc the customer never signed the check which somehow means 6 months later I lose that money. In fact, I've had over 1400 charge backs the last 3 months. See Why I hit that bag so hard?It's a stressful job, almost as bad as it comes. But there's a good side to it. I love making people laugh and smile when they get the new car they've been looking for. The best is helping that customer who needs a car, has credit issues and I get them financed. It can bring a tear to your eye.

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M i n d yL a w h o r n e

Yes- let us never forget the reason 1669683987347627906

Yes- let us never forget the reason