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ELAWAR & ELAWAR Co. (@elawar_elawar) Instagram Profile Photo elawar_elawar



AliDhaJeweler (@alidhajeweler) Instagram Profile Photo alidhajeweler



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brand new 40mm gold fully iced out #25cts diamonds black face mall for Alidhajeweler

Aline Bruffa jewelry designer (@maisonbruffa_jewelrydesign) Instagram Profile Photo maisonbruffa_jewelrydesign

Aline Bruffa jewelry designer


Grace Gr 🇵🇹 (@_grace_gr_) Instagram Profile Photo _grace_gr_

Grace Gr 🇵🇹

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#25cts 😂😂 @alyssiadvs @manondavid347 ej metai ❤❤❤

image by Mich Baron (@healthyisfunky) with caption : "Recipe Cauliflower Pizza Crust. See next post too 👀👀.
Babes, I have to be honest. I prefer buying an organic cauliflower" - 1621111055785050852
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Recipe Cauliflower Pizza Crust. See next post too 👀👀. Babes, I have to be honest. I prefer buying an organic cauliflower pizza crust but my local store doesn’t carry them anymore boohoooo!!!! Why?? I found a good recipe and made it twice. Its not difficult at all but you its takes a while. And the crust needs to bake longer than a regular crust. So don’t start trying if you don’t have time or are impatient or hungry or hungry (haha). My recipe is based on a recipe from @adamkenworthy but I adapted it slightly and used the steamer for the cauliflower. 🎧🎧So put some funky songs and have a great day! XO . Im in a kinda mood. . Oh the rolling pin is from the #25cts Ingredients 1 head cauliflower  1/2 cup almond flour 3/4 cup all purpose flour 2 tbs olive oil 2 tsp sea salt 1 tsp baking powder  1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp chipotle powder Pre heat oven to 190c/380f How to  1. Turn cauliflower florets into "rice" by processing in a food processor - a ordinary blender won’t do it. 2. Steam cauliflower for 5 minutes. I used my microwave oven. Just put it in container with a lid. 3. Put hot cauli rice into a nut milk bag (or kitchen cloth) and press out all water. Press hard and press out as much water as you can 4. Toss in a bowl, add all ingredients and knead until your have a dough. 5. Line a baking roaster with parchment paper. Form crust on sheet.  6. Bake for 25 to 30 mins WITHOUT TOPPINGS. Keep an eye on your crust.  7. Add toppings and bake another 15 to 20 minutes. Baking is no strict science. Stay close to your oven and check regularly whether your pizza is ready. The crust should easily hold all the toppings. Mine did (twice !! ) I have to say the crust is gorgeous!!! . My toppings :  vegan cheese, fresh tomato slices, tomato sauce with basil, pepper, sea salt.

Mr JJ (Southdekalb/STONECREST) (@crescentjewelers_cj) Instagram Profile Photo crescentjewelers_cj

Mr JJ (Southdekalb/STONECREST)

brand new 40mm gold fully iced out #25cts diamonds black face mall for jj the jeweler

Armys no comando👑 (@tudinho_bangtanboys) Instagram Profile Photo tudinho_bangtanboys

Armys no comando👑

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Gente esses não são muitos bons, e agora eu quero coisa top aqui então se bater só 25 curtidas eu faço outro bem melhor okay?! Bora lá #25cts❤❤❤//Luuh

Edwina Grbn (@edwinagrbn) Instagram Profile Photo edwinagrbn

Edwina Grbn

Hier c'était jour de paie 😂👍 !!!! Équipée pour le lunch, prêt à préparer le road trip et plus qu'à mettre tout les anniversaires des maintenant dans mon magnifique calepin marbré 😍❤️ !!!! #25cts

Caroline Vasile (@carovasile) Instagram Profile Photo carovasile

Caroline Vasile

image by Caroline Vasile (@carovasile) with caption : "#cute 🙊#25cts" - 1572139482805796236
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داݢڠ مرنتاو (dagang merantau) (@dagangmerantau) Instagram Profile Photo dagangmerantau

داݢڠ مرنتاو (dagang merantau)

💎 NICHOLAS HAYWOOD JEWELLERY 💎 (@nicholashaywoodjewellery) Instagram Profile Photo nicholashaywoodjewellery


💎✨ Graduated Diamond rivière custom made necklet in 18ct white gold 💎 Put together piece by piece this week and worked on by our amazing team for our wonderful client 💎 #25cts