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A gift for myself#YouandI #1dfragrance #onedire 1666434060647549292
4 years ago: Study to learn the boys and their fan 1612003876998028779

4 years ago: Study to learn the boys and their fandom for work.Now: Attend their show and get the guitar pick on the weekend.We don't know what will happen in our life#towerrecordsshibuya#flickersessionstokyo#flickersessions2017#flickersessions#niallhoran#toomuchtoask#tokyo#1dfragrance#directioner#1d#onedirection

#niallhoran #liampayne #harrystyles#louistomlins 1599742992418207481

#niallhoran#liampayne#harrystyles#louistomlinson#onedirection#repost@onedirection(@get_repost )・・・Space travel, deep sea diving, mountaineering and even a tear. All for Between Us #1dfragrance

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One Direction perfume on sale at Sogo Kuala Lumpur 1571588145018132075
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One Direction perfume on sale at Sogo Kuala Lumpur. Rm99 for each bottle. They have both perfumes; Our Moment and That Moment. Come and get it while in stock.#1dperfume#onedirection#1d#1dfragrance

What was the latest film you've watched?Mine is1563585889173794923

What was the latest film you've watched?Mine is Dunkirk and i love it. Some people say war films are boring to watch but to me it's really not. It gives you perspective of what happened in the past and how it shows camaraderie among fellowmen and becoming stronger because just being strong isn't enough. It's more of a history really, something that may happen again. I've always liked action movies from Marvel/DC to fast and furious to some tai chi movies, what can I say, I have a brother and a father who liked those stuff. No sister to watch Barbie with. my favorite war film though is "Saving Private Ryan" nothing else can beat that movie for me when it comes to war films. aaaand I'm rumbling stuff.Ps: I don't care what other people say, but the other reason I watched this is because of Harry Styles. He may not be the best actor out there but he is from my favorite band 'One Direction' I love him, and those who badmouth him can fück off! #sorrynotsorry

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Розовое дирекшионерское счастье#1dfragranceСпасибо большое @starsstore_ru , заказывайте не пожалеетеВернитесь мальчики, хочу чтоб было все как раньше#onedirectionforever