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이동관 (@hwa.ite) Instagram Profile Photohwa.ite


Good morning the city of angels ‍️ 1670476536605673380

Good morning the city of angels ‍️

SAMUEL (윤사무엘) (@samuel925_10) Instagram Profile Photosamuel925_10

SAMUEL (윤사무엘)

반복되는 시간이 너무 복잡해#아트워크 #아트워커 #그래픽 #외주 #선팔 #맞팔 1670603885457104748

반복되는 시간이 너무 복잡해#아트워크#아트워커#그래픽#외주#선팔#맞팔

SAMUEL (윤사무엘) (@samuel925_10) Instagram Profile Photosamuel925_10

SAMUEL (윤사무엘)

🇰🇷Happyjunk Artwork👀 (@headecomics) Instagram Profile Photoheadecomics

🇰🇷Happyjunk Artwork👀

Possessed to our mind 1670592332104144007

Possessed to our mind

채여혜 Chae Yeo Hye (@yoheychae) Instagram Profile Photoyoheychae

채여혜 Chae Yeo Hye


Korea Is More Than Just Kim Jung Eun—�—Final presentation for Drawing/Imaging class.It is not a formal exhibition so had to cram them in two walls.Explanation:Overall, the color scheme is from the Korean flag (blue, red, white, black)1. Japanese Annexation of Korea2 Biography of Ahn Chang Ho3. Distortion of His Identity by the Japanese Authority4. Lyric from Aegukga (Korean National Anthem)

몽땅콜라 그래픽 모임 (@mongcola) Instagram Profile Photomongcola

몽땅콜라 그래픽 모임